Ey mang. Is time for the LAST BLOG EVER WRITTEN! I promised to all joo, that I would answer any last questions joo got before I stop writing, mang. I only got two questions! A lot of “THANK YOU MANNY” for the World Series, like, but only two questions. So let’s talk about them, like.

Ey manny! I’ve been reading your blog all season and I love it! But I noticed that you never talked about Dice-K or Okajima in your entries. Didn’t you interact with them at all?

Oh, mang. Yeah, I didn’t hang out with Oki and DiceK much. In the preseason, I tried to break THE ICE with DiceK, but it didn’t go so good. He was hanging out with his translator in the clubhouse, and I axed him if he brought any macadamia nuts with him (cuz I thought he was Hawaiian, and I really like macadamias.) When I told the translator this, he scowled and axed me if I was sure that I wanted to ax him that. Man, I shoulda thought twice instead of just saying yes. The guy translated it, and DiceK shook his head and walked away. Oops, mang.

I axed Papi what the deal was, and he told me what DiceK’s nationality really was. So I figures, I gots to go apologize and make things better. I go up to his translator and ax him, how joo say “sorry” in Chinese? I guess, the translator still pissed at me, cuz again, he just frowns and walks away. So that was the end of the interaction between MANNY and DICEK.

manny on curt’s blog he says he’s making a video game company for after he retires, what do you have planned?

Well, mang. I got a couple tricks up my sleeve. Joo guys know about facebook? Is this site, where joo can go with your friends, increase your friend count, and leave messages for other people. Seems simple, but facebook is now worth AT LEAST ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Well unfortunately, I did not get in on the ground floor on that one, mang. Looks like, MANNY is going to have to chase down some niche markets, OK? I cannot make a site just for people and their friends.

Maybe, I can make a site where people ridicule dogs that run away from home. Like, why would a dog run away from home? If they do that, they give up a bunch of free stuff: health care, and food, and water, even shelter. So I bet there’s a LOT OF PEOPLE who would want an online site to make fun of them. So MANNY gonna be the next Internet millionare, with Check it out, I gonna start it soon.

OK, mang. That’s it for the blog, OK? I hope joo enjoyed it. I’s gonna go knock back a few beers, mang. Later.


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3 responses to “MANNY’s LAST BLOG EVER

  1. Just a reminder Manny, spring training starts in Florida (that’s the one by the dominican republic, not by new york city) on February 14th. Hopefully there will be more blog material by then.

  2. fr3shn3ssporvida

    manny i SIGNED UP 2 speak 2u man…WHERE R U

  3. Jack

    Manny is a liar and a cheat. This has been going on for a LONG time. Throw his miserable ass out along with Bonds,Clemens and all the rest of the fucking scumbags that have disgraced ALL of baseball

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