Manny learns bout EVENING

Ey mang. Is a big bummer how we lost to the Indians last night, mang. But losing games gives joo an opportunity to think and reflect, and everything, joo know? I has been thinking MOSTLY about evening, mang. No, not like the time of day, mang. Like, the gerund. As in “LMonstro is good at evening my hair after I try cut it myself, mang.” When the Indians evened the series with us, I said to myself, Manny, how else can joo do evening in your life? Is easy, mang, I can try to give MY BLOG READERS a look at how cool I can be, and then an example where I embarrass myself, and see an evening effect, and everything.

SO here is the COOL THING, joo can see mi amigo CRAZY JOE rapping, and me rapping, on the YouTube video here:

Is mi amigo, joo should all go check heem out at crazyjoemusic-punto-com, like I say, mang. Shout out to La Fraga, like. Es para mi gente dominica, peace.

So that’s pretty cool, right? I is going to be a pretty serious rapper after retiring from beisbol, mang, and I making connections and establishing street cred now, mang. Is what MANNY CALLS good business sense, OK?

I bet everybody thinking, WOW, how cool is Manny, like. But I is got to even: and tell joo about an embarrassing ting that happened one time when the team was flying back to Boston after the season, like. This lady was like HEY MANNY AND PAPI, TAKE A PICTURE WITH ME and we didn’t know who she was and we didn’t want to get trouble in case she was somebody important. So we did it. And I admit, I kindasorta looked at her BOOBS during the shot. I’m especially embarrassed cause she’s not even hot or young, nubile, nothing like that at all. I gots to show this to joo guys, but promise not to spread it all around with joor friends, like, OK?

Manny looks at BOOBS

Oh, mang. I hurt just looking at that picture.

All that thinking about EVENING has cleansed my soul, mang. In and out. Harness good, block bad, like that guy from Happy Gilmore said, ebb and flow. Is good, mang, I think I gonna hit LIKE 3 DINGERS in Game 3, now. Just joo watch, like. Evening.


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