MANNY Answers, Part 2, mang!

Ey mang. Manny take surprise vacation, surprise! The good ting is, now I gots lots of good comments to answer, mang. Keep them coming, OK?

Hey manny, you mentioned before you guys didn’t get along well w/ rentiria J Don’t you think that if you guys were nicer to him he wouldn’t have played like [crap] in Boston? (I hate him too)

Renteria an interesting cat, mang. When he signed to come to the Sox, mang, I gave him a call. It takes me forever to get ahold of him, and once I do, it a very short conversation, he giving one word answers to everything. I was all like, what he got against Manny? Everybody else who talked to him, they all get a weird feeling from him. After that whole prank thing I talked about I was much nicer to him. I offered to get him a milkshake one time when we was hanging out in the clubhouse. He said NO so I was like FINE. He was all like, you going to pee in it or something. Like I would do that.

Some other players didn’t get along with us and ended up fine cause they was good, OK? When Lowell came in we was busting on him and his George Clooney-looking self pretty hard! But he was hitting good, and fielding good, and we bonded. Renteria, he just sat out there in short, chewing his freaking glove like he got Down syndrome, all down on himself. He didn’t get along with nobody, but he all the way down in Atlanta now.

Manny! I love your blog mang. It’s much better than Curt’s. I have a question: how’d you get your own ofice in the green monster? Do you have a desk in their and everything? Do you make business deals? Whats it smell like in there?

Is a good question, mang. Is what I like to call, one of the perks of the business, mang. Is part of my contract. I worked it in. I say at the meeting, before I signed, what is in the Green Monster? They say is all gardening equipment and stuff like that, mang. I say, I tell them, mang that’s BORING! If I gonna sign with the Boston Red Sox, I gotta make tings a little more exciting. So I put a lotta stuff in there, mang. Joo guys ever see the movie Blade Runner? Is like my favorite movie, mang, there’s robots pretending to be people, and stuff. So I buy a bunch of posters at the BU bookstore, put Blade Runner posters floor to ceiling. THEN I put a whole mini bouncy castle in there. Keeps me warm, mang. I sit out there in left field, sometimes I go like half a game without getting a ball hit to me. I got to stay alerts, joo know? I go in the castle, mang, I bounce around for a minute, and next thing I know, my heart beating super fast and I got the reflexes like a kitty cat on speedballs.

OK mang, I gots to go do some yoga. I gonna find my inner peace and hit like 5 dingers tonight, mang.

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