Ax Manny, mang!

Ey mang! I liking writing this blog, mang. Apparently, people liking it too. I getting a decent number of hits. Is good, joo know what I’m saying? Anyways, I appreciate people paying attention to Manny’s thoughts, mang. Sometimes, I tell joo, I talk to people, I talk to Papi, mang, and he treats me like I’m some kind of idiot. Just yesterday, I said to him, I said, ey mang, I think I gonna try to enter the ministry, mang. Like seriously, you become a HOLY MAN, you get into heaven FOR FREE AND you can marry people. Is like a natural choice, mang. Papi, he looks at me like I got three freakin’ heads, mang!

So Manny gonna stop rambling now, mang. I gotta make this post real short so it easy to comprehend, OK? Plus I gotta run out to the ToysRUs, mang. I promised Manny Jr. and Manny Jr. I’d take them out for pogo stick lessons, mang. I gotta go buy them helmets first.

ANYWAY, I wanna give my loyal readers the chance to Ax Manny Questions, mang. Seriously, about anything joo want. I gotta lot of experience, and a lot of resources, joo know? So I can answer pretty much any question, mang, and give pretty good advice. Joo got girl problems? Ax Manny. Joo got career problems? Ax Manny. Joo got STDs? Go to the doctor mang, joo dirty! Just kidding, joo can still ax Manny. (TIP: Most of the time joo don’t even need the doctor, mang, and they super expensive!) So send me your questions, OK? At my email address,

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