Defamation of MANNY

Ey mang! Is Manny blogging again, mang. Yesterday, I was going out in San Francisco getting treats, and this waiter he asked me, why is it that joo never talk to the media? I get that question all the time, but a lot more recently for some reason, joo know? It’s funny that he asked then, mang, cause I just ran into an example of WHY NOT. One irresponsible rag of a newspaper just ran this article:

Is a LOAD OF CRAP, mang! Normally, I used to this, and it makes no difference what nobody says about me, mang. But this one is over the line, like, joo know what I’m saying? I busting my butt, all the way, we had an extra innings game, and then we flew right out to the West Coast! I didn’t even have no time to stop for an Orange Julius at the Longwood Galleria like normal, mang. Let me tell you, day in day out, Manny makes sacrifices for the enjoyment of the fans, mang. Then these TABLOIDS come along, mang, and defame my character. They getting all up in my grill for nothing.

Let me make this clear once and for all for everyone, and nobody misquotes Manny this time. Here’s what happened. I axed Tito once, ONCE, MANG, if I could stay at home cause the cable man was coming. Seriously, that night was supposed to be the last episode ever of Jericho, mang. I wasn’t missing that for nothing, OK?

If that wasn’t bad enough, they showed my frigging driver’s license all up on their site!

Now EVERYBODY knows my address, and my license number. Joo know what that means? My privacy is being invaded from all sides, mang, I getting boxed in. When I was a rookie, everybody was telling me, joo better look out, your life is going to be examined like you is a panda bear in a frigging zoo. When I was younger I thought it was cool when I walked around the town and people say “Ey mang! Good to see you! Hit a home run for me, mang!” But now is getting a little old, joo know what I’m saying?

All I gots to say is people better stop printing false things about MANNY or there gonna be some serious repercussions! I frustrated.

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